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A Rooster In The Background

The Macron Show
A Rooster In The Background

Gallivanting Over To Albuquerque

The Bilingual Eunuch

Labor Day Cuckout

Cobbed And Reamed

Atrocious Level 5 Pranks

Semen Avenue

Maybe I’m Being Dense

Soft Skin

Pubes On A Plane

Get Out Of The Doghouse Day

The Hoe Moaners Association

Karen The Crack Head Calm Down

Karen Out

What Is It We Do Here?

Dick Cringe And The Wireless Cables

Doug’s Fruity Little Sign

Memorial Day Discount Rattan Furniture

Borderline Scary But Funny As Hell

I Know What You Deered Last Summer

Ghetto Supastar

A Giant Cuck Of A Man

The Macronathon 2

The Crying Game

I Did Not Poop On The Floor

Ronny Cochran

You’ll Have To Speak Up I’m Wearing A Towel

The Codeine Dojo

Short Story Long International

Corporate Liaison Information Team

Ron Nerdbanger

Professor Cosmonaut

Presidents Family Day

Taco Monday The 13th

Save Wally

Stormy Twinkle

It’s Literally Better Business Communication Day

Smoking Joe’s Corporate Office

This Is Not Normal

Blackman Monday

Sir Whines A Lot Gets Boinked

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Sh*tmas

Karen Bitchman

I Like Peacocks

Lowe Down And Dirty

Big Buck Backman vs. Big Ron Blackman

Wild Goosing

Ron’s Birthday Boob Job

Rosie O’Donnell’s Butt Barnacles

Dick The Raven