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131 | Business Is A Game You Get To Play On Your Terms with Mike Schmidt
131 | Business Is A Game You Get To Play On Your Terms with Mike Schmidt

130 | Welcome 2024

Ep. 129 – Starting A Podcast? Figure out your why first

Ep. 128 – New Year New Goals

Ep. 127 – Time For A Refresh!

#126 | 2020 Update, New Format Maybe?

125 | Go For It

124 | 2019 Goals & More

123 | Once Upon A Baby

122 | Spaghetti with Ketchup Sauce??

121 | Funny Baby Stories

120 | I Got Stung

119 | Of Bicycles And Babies

118 | Full Of Surprises!

117 | The Lost Christmas Episode

116 | Money Saving Tip from a Mailman, Great Parking Job and Is there a fire or did someone turn the heat on?

115 | Shadow of War Review, Poddy Break Podcast Review and a Couple Cop Stories

114 | The Day I Cracked My Knee, Do You Have A Spirit Of Excellence? and Tim Hawkins LIVE!

113 | Clues for Clueless People, Noah: Man of Destiny and Raccoon on the Roof!

112 | Story of 2 Stupid Drivers, How To Get Offended and Beaten By A 9yr Old

111 | Destiny 2, Puppies and Pigeon vs The Internet

#110: Pokémon GO, Dead or Alive??

#109: A Whole New Podcast!

#108: Its all about Mindset, Stop wasting Marketing dollars, and’s Last Show

#107 Stop Spending Money, Promotion Techniques from the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and The IPad

#106: Jordan Cooper of Not A Pro Blog Rants on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing

#105: A Chat With Nathan Hangen

#104: Why I cut up my Credit Card, Do you love your Business?, and Why Google Wave?

#103: Maximize Income, Don’t be like your Competition, and FCC on Net Neutrality

#102: Trim Expenses, Daily Time Management, and Can you hear me?